Care and Maintenance

Our baskets are made of natural cotton, which may naturally pills or wear with time. To avoid this, please do not use with abrasive or Velcro-materials, as this may cause the cotton to pull.

If loose strings appear, please snip or trim carefully. Do not pull. 

For Tassel and Pom baskets, hand wash only. Spot clean using a gentle stain remover and a fabric cloth (free from dyes) to avoid colour transfer.

*Warning - All of our baskets, rugs and home decor items that contain beads, poms and/or tassels may come loose with force or constant tugging.

If these items are used with children, we recommend keeping them out of a child’s reach or with supervision. The decorative accessories (Poms, tassels, and beads) may become a choking hazard to children who pull the items off. 

Pleade keep our wood love bead and garlands out of the reach of children. They are for decorative use only.